Lean The Right Way.

Trade Better Right Now

Take the road to train yourself to get a better feel for market movement and making better trading decisions.

With our free stock and futures training simulator, you can improve your trading by choosing better entry points to reduce your risk and exit your trades confidently with no regrets.

"Repetition is the mother of skill."
Line charts show clear trends

Train With Tick and Line Charts

Do you use OHLC, candlestick, point/figure, or renko price charts? Don't. They are not the best way to trade when you need to see the overall trend. Rather, it is better to use line charts instead because they:

  • Show clear directional movement without adding volatility at the price point
  • Allow for quick identification of common price patterns
  • Let you see the predominant price structure much better
Focus on price

Focus On Price Only

There are no derivative price indicators to use in the program. I don't want you to! No stochastics, MACD, moving averages, Bollinger Bands or any others. This totally forces you to focus on the most important thing - price and price only.

Too many traders rely upon indicators in attempt to make science out of trading. Many end up going in the wrong direction and spend countless hours tweaking formulas on past data. As a trader, one needs to focus on what is happening NOW.

Steel ball pendulum

Swing Trade Your Way To Profits

If you want to make money in both up and down markets, you need to learn how to be a swing trader. With our software you will be able to buy, short, cover and sell your position all in real time. To make things more interesting, I programmed this to only give you a small initial balance. This is to make sure you try your best to avoid blowing out the account.

The software will show you how well you did as it tracks and shows trading statistics. This includes such things as total wins, total losses and your winning percentage.

Software Benefits

  • Our free stock trading software will give you the opportunity to test your pattern recognition and reaction skills
  • Log hours of invaluable stock trainer time
  • See and feel what its like to be in a trade without putting up real money
  • Day traders and swing traders will appreciate the random nature of our price simulator
  • Practice with a virtual stock trading account
  • Make mistakes in a trading simulator and discover what type of trades you need improvement on
  • Practice your stock trading and gain confidence before going live
  • Reduce taking on poor, hi risk trades that put you immediately in the hot seat
  • Ingrain within you the key concept of "Buy the Dips, Sell the Spikes" mentality
  • Great tool for S&P 500 and Forex currency traders

Plan. Act. Execute. Modify.

To be a successful trader, you must practice repeatedly to improve your recognition of price patterns and to be able to react to them quickly. By doing so, you will learn where you are making mistakes and build confidence to take a trade that is fit for your mindset.

Before the market opens, I spend up to 30 minutes on the trainer. I do this to keep my mind and reaction skills fresh. It has helped me make quick, confident decisions and give me important feedback how I stand for the trading day. Unless you have seen or experienced the trade setup before, you are going to hesitate and not execute the trade. Many traders miss golden opportunities because they are afraid to take it. These are the trades you should be taking!

Download our demo software. It is totally free. And if you like it, we have a pay version that will challenge you even more to perfect your trading skills.